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  We Have No News News, But Wear a Mask!
   January 31, 2022

   By Hilarie Orman
See the Utah Health Department's coronavirus data page to understand how widespread and dangerous this disease is. Since April of 2020, over 4100 Utahns have died of COVID-19. Don't become one of them, and don't spread the disease to your community.

   July 21, 2020

   By Hilarie Orman
If you follow the daily COVID-19 case rates for Utah, as I do via the Utah Department of Health website, the data should alarm you. The number of new cases per day has gone up dramatically, and the number of hospitalizations is verging on the limit of what the health care system can handle. A study by students at BYU, who looked over all published studies of the effectiveness of face masks, concluded that there is overwhelming scientific support for their use. The recent antics at a Utah County Commission meeting, which gained national attention, are an embarrassment to all residents of this county. Wearing masks can reverse the current trend which is sending Utah County's COVID-19 numbers into a dangerous range. Protect yourself, your family and friends, and your neighbors and colleagues. Wear a mask.

Spanish Fork photos by Barry Dalton

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