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by Hilarie Orman, Tue April 12, 2011

UPDATE. The man who became airborne on April 2 says that he never intended to leave terra firma. He was sailing a wing kite, a hobby that he has pursued for 10 years. His newest kite is slightly larger than previous ones, and when a wind gust scooped his 200 pound frame off the ground, he was too astonished to react.

Despite falling 30 feet and injuring three vetebrae, the Woodland Hills resident can walk without crutches and laugh about the experience. He says he feels like someone removed his guts, stomped on them, and replaced them into his aching body. He expects to recover quickly.

by Hilarie Orman, Sat April 2, 2011

A parasailing adventure went from fun to tragedy near the Woodland Hills mailboxes Saturday afternoon. The field held a limp sail, a small ATV, and a motionless body. The Woodland Hills ambulance arrived on the scene, then the Salem fire department, followed by the Salem abulance. The accident occurred about 1pm.

Mon April 04, 2011
The man who fell from the sky is said to be a Woodland Hills resident; he was taken to a local hospital for evaluation, and he is now at home with injured vertebrae. While in his parasail, he was rapidly lifted by a wind gust, and when it passed, he fell.

The ATV with tow line and equipment bags
   Emergency workers from Woodland Hills attend to victim
Sail in foreground

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