The Sentinel - Payson Sons of Utah Pioneers, October Meeting

By George Brinkerhoff

The Mt. Nebo Chapter of The Sons of Utah Pioneers had a dinner meeting on Oct. 25th at Patros La Hacienda Restaurant in Payson at 6:30 PM.

The group enjoyed a presentation about John Moyle. Moyle Greenwood talked about his great-great-grandfather John Roe Moyle. Both of his great-great-grandfathers came from England, the Moyles from Southern, and the Greenwoods from Northern England.

He talked about Moyle Park in Alpine, Utah, where the Moyle family lived. John Moyle was a stone cutter and was assigned by Brigham Young to work on the Salt Lake temple. He walked the 22 miles every Monday, worked on the temple all week, and stayed with his son, and then walked home on Friday.

He had a terrible accident, was kicked in the leg by a cow and his leg was badly broken, and had to be amputated. While he recovered he carved a wooden leg, and learned to walk on it. As soon as he was able he again walked the 22 miles to work and back. He also had to climb a scaffold 100 ft in the air to work. He did this until he was 76 years old.

He died in 1889 at 89 yrs. old and is buried in Alpine. His head stone is a granite mill stone he was making when he died. Brother Greenwood showed a film made by TC Christensen and talked about the making of the film: "ONLY A STONE CUTTER".

Our Chapter will go on a trek to Moyle Park in the future.

If anyone is interested in joining this great organization, contact LaRon Taylor (801-616-3653). We meet monthly with our spouses for a dinner meeting and also go on several treks each year to see historic places.