Dogs Take Comfort from Eagle Scout Project The Sentinel Newspaper

by Hilarie Orman, Oct 3, 2011

Caleb Moore explains the construction
of dog cots


A Scout makes a friend

Satisfied customer

Troop 427 plus friends
and Scoutmaster Robert Moore (Caleb's dad)

Some 25 dogs awaiting adoption at the South Utah Valley Animal Shelter in Spanish Fork will sleep easier tonight because of gift brought to them by Caleb Moore's Eagle Scout project. Caleb's scout troop built beds for the shelter's dogs and donated them today. The delivery was lauded by a cacophony of barking from the excited recipients --- dogs of all breeds eager for companionship.

Caleb is a member of the Orem Scout Troop 427, and his love of animals led him to talk to shelter director Mike Morgan several times about how to develop a project to benefit the animals. The beds are needed because the shelter, unlike the North Valley shelter, does not have heated floors. The shelter had considered purchasing the beds, but their funds are limited and the cost was too high. Caleb, however, found a way to get the job done for free.

He found instructions on the Internet for building beds from PVC pipe and canvas (see this link for the Columbus Dog Connection). Local businesses agreed to donate the pipe and canvas, and Caleb's troop and friends set to work building the beds to his specification.

During the donation, the dogs and Scouts showed more interest in one another than in the beds, but before the Scouts left, two dogs showed their appreciation by ensconcing themselves atop the canvas. Morgan says that the shelter needs more donations, particularly a windproof awning for the exercise yard, and he will be happy to work with anyone who is interested in helping out on that or other projects.

The South Valley Animal Shelter has many wonderful animals for adoption. Not all of them can look forward a loving home. If you have space in your home for an animal, check out the shelter, it might be love at first sight.