The Littlest Public Hearing, The Sentinel Newspaper

by Hilarie Orman, Thu February 10, 2011

"Where was the public hearing?" asked a Woodland Hills resident at the conclusion of a meeting involving the city council last Thursday evening. The mayor replied "You just sat through it. Did you have anything to say?"

Some confusion might have been understandable. The meeting was announced 24 hours in advance as a "public hearing", but there was no topic or other description. "We planned it last year, so it was on the calendar," explained council member Wendy Pray.

What the few people in attendance saw was a presentation from Professor Rex Facer of BYU about their initial assessment of the city's current situation and how they would move forward with developing a strategic plan for the city. That will involve public input, using a "proven method", and the city set March 24 as the date for that event. Facer said that the meeting would take about 90 minutes, it would involve break-out groups, and that those who attended would feel that their voices were heard.

The council also voted to rezone the undeveloped area known as "Woodland Heights" from R1-19 to R1-40.

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