Without Action, Woodland Hills City Council Meets, The Sentinel Newspaper

Hilarie Orman, Thu Sep 9 12:09:01 MST 2010

There were no votes taken at the 90 minute meeting of the Woodland Hills City Council on the evening of September 8, leaving the boy scouts in attendance with little action to report. Mayor Lauritzen said that he had not reviewed the minutes of the August meetings and asked to defer the approval. He reported frustration on the single agenda item, the street renaming of upper Skylake to Broadhollow.

Scout enjoys Woodland Hills city council ponderings.

The city contract for attorney services does not have timeliness guarantees, and Lauritzen said that he had more than 8 pending items waiting for attorney action, including the street renaming. Council member Wendy Pray noted that the planning commission had deferred action on rezoning the area of defunct Woodland Height subdivision because they wanted legal advice. Council member Carter volunteered to go to the attorney's office in person to ask for expedited action.

Recently, a longtime city resident caused consternation by building a fire in a screened pit. The fire department responded, but the resident said he thought it fell outside the city's prohibition on "open flame" burning. The fire chief disagreed, and Jeff Andersen, a former fire chief, sent a letter to the city council about the incident. Mayor Lauritzen said that he believed the ordinance needed clarification, but council member Fisher said that he felt residents should get a constant stream of information containing the fire chief's interpretation of safety. Lauritzen said the matter would be assigned to the Public Safety Committee, but council member Byron Adams noted his marriage to the assistant fire chief and declared that he would take charge of the matter and return to the council with recommendations.

Another pending matter concerning fire safety concerns clearing brush and dead wood from city right-of-ways. Council member Fisher wants to require residents to do the clearing, but Lauritzen said the city attorney advised him against it. Fisher said he did not understand why, and Lauritzen said that until the matter was resolved he and the fire chief could not agree on the wording of a letter to be sent to all property owners.

The council went into executive session to discuss a previous personnel issue, saying that they would reconvene and adjourn immediately afterwards.

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